Kati Chakrasana

Kati Chakrasana is a simple standing pose with a spine twist . The name came from the Sanskrit Kati meaning waist, chakra meaning wheels or circular rotation and asana which mean pose or posture . Kati Chakrasana pose in a yoga asana or exercise that aids much in the relief of constipation . Your back bone obtains suppleness and the muscles of your lower body are strengthened .

You will receive a massage of the organs in your abdomen through this exercise . Hence, the functioning of your internal organs is stimulated further . During the Kati Chakrasana pose try to get your body in balance with your feet pressed against the ground this pose may not suit you if you have a back bone problem in such a case it would be best to keep your legs straight without bending while you perform this exercise .


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  • Keep the legs about 2- 3 feet apart .
  • Raise both the arms up to chest level with palms facing each other and keep them parallel .
  • While exhaling twist the body towards the left side so that the right palm touches the left shoulder, come back with inhalation .
  • while exhaling twist the body towards the right side so that the right palm touches the right shoulder , come back with inhalation .
  • Do slowly with normal breathing .
  • Relax this is one round complete and repeat two more times .


  • It’s reduces waist fat .
  • It massage the organs there .
  • Affects liver or kidney functions or practice .
  • With the practice of Kati Chakrasana a stretch is produced on the neck , back ,shoulders and thights . Which makes these organs flexible and become palanquin with this . The blood in the body conducts well .
  • This practice gives stregth to the lungs and the circulation of blood around hearts is done well .
  • It also helps childrens grow taller.


  • Do not Practice in Hernia .
  • Do not Practice it if you have any serious disease related to back pain .
  • Do not stretch too much in this exercise means do not go backwards .
  • Cardiac patients shall do with Care .
  • Avoid this practice in case of severe back pain, vertebral and disc disorders, after abdominal surgery and during menstruation .

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