2. Ardha Kati chakrasana ( Lateral Arc Pose) .

In Sanskrit Ardha means waist and chakra means wheels . This yoga pose bring balance to your entire body this is one of the very few poses which lengthen the muscles . Between the ribs and pelvis including parts of the low back and open the side of your rib cage . It is one of the most common Asana that are used for general body toning on day to day basis . This yoga or exercise is a simple and effective one to tone up your body . Initially maintain an erect posture in a relaxed manner .


Achieve the Impossible
  • Stand straight with an erect spine and feet together .
  • place your palms on the outer thighs . Lift your right hand to shoulder level .
  • Turn your right palm upwards and raise it , so that your right biceps touches your right ear .
  • Now slowly bend to your left side leaving your left palm slide over the left thigh .
  • Holds the position for few breaths and return back to normal position .
  • Now repeat the same steps on your left side life your left hand to shoulder level .
  • Turn your left palm upwards and raise it, so that your left biceps touches your left ear .
  • Now slowly bend on your right side . while your right palm slide over the thigh .
  • Hold the position for few breaths and return back to normal position.
  • A cycle is completed in this way .
  • Relax and do two times .


  • Ardha Kati chakrasana improves body balance coordination between your body and mind .
  • It aids in detoxification of liver lungs and kidneys .
  • It also help children grow taller .
  • This asana stretches your arms and shoulders and regulates blood pressure as well .
  • Elasticity of lateral region increase .
  • lateral thoracic muscles are stretched and blood supply to them increase .


  • Should consult your doctor before doing Ardha Kati chakransa during pregnancy .
  • Those with abdominal and hips injury must avoid this pose do not bend forwards or backwards in this pose .
  • Avoid this practice in case of severe back pain, vertebral and disc disorders , after abdominal surgery and during menstruation .

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