3. Tiryak Kati Chakrasana (Swaying waist rotation pose ) .

Tiryak Kati Chakrasana or Swaying waist rotation pose strengthen the hips shoulder and back muscles and remove fat around the waist . In Sanskrit Tiryak means oblique, Kati means waist and chakra means a wheel . It can be roughly translated as Swaying waist rotation pose as the body is swayed from side to side in the final position .

Tiryak Kati Chakrasana improve flexibility of the back . Tiryak Kati Chakrasana is an easy pose and can be done by beginner . This pose can also be integrated along with your regular warm up exercise .


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  • Stand in center of your Mat with your feet about shoulder with or slidely or do can 2 feet apart to a comfortable distance .
  • Then raise your arms over the head . Keeping the elbows straight . Interlock the fingers and turn the palms up towards the ceiling . Slidely raise the chin and at the palm .
  • Now keeping the spine straightly forward from the hips as you breathe out .
  • Exhale hold the breath here and swayin to the left . Keeping gaze as back your palm then holding the breath come in center and left go to the right without any pause there one single movement from left to right and right to left and come back again in center .
  • when he is come to center start took inhale and raise the trunk up .
  • Now you can realse the fingers and lower the arms looked down looked at front . You can stand with your feet together . Relax the back and the side of trunk .


  • It’s used for equal blood circulation for our legs and upper body .
  • It stretch spine and hips so it’s used good stretch for our thigh .
  • It good relaxation for our whole mucles .
  • It reduced extra fat on our thigh and shoulder and hips , upper back and abdomen . So it good tone to our whole body .
  • It strengthen our spine upper back and hip, thigh .
  • It good for metabolism
  • It also hepls children grow taller .


  • Those who suffer from any injury of the hips ribs or the shoulder should not be done Tiryak Kati Chakrasana .
  • Those with severe lower back pain should do it under guidance from a qualified yoga therapist .
  • Avoid this practice in case of severe back pain , vertebral and disc disorders , after abdominal surgery and during menstruation .

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